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Hello and welcome to The Rise to Triumph Podcast my name is Krystal Torres and I will be your host. This First episode is the introduction of what to expect from this podcast.

I have 3 goals for the podcast:

  1. To Bridge the Gap between the Artist and the business side of the TV and Film Industry.
  2. To discuss the careers and success strategies of interviewed guests.
  3. To empower listeners with tools, techniques, and strategies to accelerate your career.

You will be receiving a well-rounded experience of great content from different types of tv and film industry professionals by listening to this podcast.

And most importantly I want this podcast to be FUN. I want you to be inspired and to learn from people that are succeeding in the entertainment industry.

I created this podcast because after being in LA for 4 years, I hit a plateau. I sought out to find those individuals in the entertainment industry that are excelling. Specifically to understand and unpack their tools and tactics for success. My listeners and I will have an opportunity to learn and implement the success strategies discussed in each conversation.

If you have any questions, comments, requests, or would like to support the show, please visit the website at www.risetotriumph.com for more information.

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Enjoy. ♥

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