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This is the time of year where thousands of actors submit and hope for the opportunity to be one of the few actors selected to be a part of the highly sought out ABC Diversity showcase! I spoke with Eddie Liu on his experience from the audition process all the way to actually performing at the ABC showcase!

Eddie Liu’s TV credits include HBO’s Silicon Valley, Comedy Central’s Time Traveling Bong and Broad City, and CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles.  We also spoke about the journey that took him to getting to where his is now in his acting career.

Eddie is currently filming a lead role in an independent feature in the Philippines!

Other Topics discussed:

  • Acting school @ the William Esper 2 year Conservatory
  • Acting teachers
  • The audition process
  • Moving from NYC to LA
  • Finding community through Theater 68
  • Getting representation
  • AND all about the audition process of the very sought out ABC Diversity Showcase all the way to actually performing at the showcase!

Want to know more about Eddie Liu?!?

  • IMDB
  • Follow him on Twitter & Instagram:  @eddieliuwho


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