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Ever wonder why that performance you thought was amazing didn’t make the “cut” ? Well, I sat down with Film Editor Ann Trulove who has been editing and seen multiple films and tv episodes in the cutting room!

She has worked with directors Penelope Spheeris, Sofia Coppola, John Frankenheimer, Meg Thayer, John Bokenkemp, Brian To and, Liz Goldwyn. Two of her films – The Decline of Western Civilization Part III and Chrystal – have been featured at Sundance, with ‘Decline’ receiving the ‘Freedom Of Expression’ award.

She is respected for her work and for her rapport with the directors and producers she has worked with. Her vision & dedication is an asset to any project she works on.

Other Topics discussed:

  • Why Continuity Matter?
  • Staying in Character
  • Always Keep your performance consistent– even in the wide shot!
  • POV from the Film editor
  • “Cut like Butter”
  • Why Actors like Billy Bob Thornton, Alan Rickman & Meryl Streep are favorites in the editing room!
  • And why Ben Afflect said, “the person on set’s butt you should be kissing the most is the film editor!”

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